Friday, November 15, 2013


November 14, 2013
7.82 Miles in 1:07:12
Mood: Annoyed at my phone / Happy to be running
Soundtrack: The Truth Podcast / Dawes "Nothing is Wrong"

A great thing about living in Colorado is that you can just be running along in a city neighborhood, and suddenly a view like this comes along. Despite the fact that your phone is wigging out and acting like Max Headroom trying to play your music, the purple mountains majesty kind of puts you at ease. This wasn't a perfect run, as I witnessed a horse pooping, some girl had plopped herself down on a bench I was thinking about photographing (which could have led to the very awkward situation of me taking a picture of her ON the bench, thankfully I thought better of that), and there was a very crabby lady walking her dog on a path I passed a couple of different times who gave off the, "Screw you for running past me" vibe. Still...this was a glorious run if for no other reason than I hadn't gone in three days, and I have become so addicted to running that if I go that long without, I start getting the shakes from withdrawal. It was good to be out again. And...cue the map!

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