Saturday, November 9, 2013


November 8, 2013
10.02 Miles in 1:29:56
Mood: Ambitious and Whimsical
Soundtrack: Welcome to That Whole Thing / The Film Vault

Someone thought to either climb that tree or put a ladder up to it to decorate it with a face. It's high enough (probably about 10 to 12 feet up the tree) that it's simple to miss the face if you're just walking past and not looking for it. I'd guess only a tiny percentage of the trail users notice the face as they pass by, and yet someone felt that it was worth it. I'm glad for people who bring art into the world, even when it's largely unnoticed. It turns ordinary trees into magical characters in the world, and this world could use more magic.

I started out this run on a blistering pace this run, and then just kept going. Towards the end, I began to wonder if I really should have pushed myself that hard for that long, but by the end, I was glad I did. My Sunday run will probably need to be a bit shorter, but this extended Friday jaunt felt pretty good.

I passed an elderly couple on the trail. They were walking their dogs and dressed in matching neon yellow safety vests. I found this mostly over reactive apparel to be equal parts endearing and obnoxious. Also on this run, the sun set. It was one of those sunsets with just the right atmospheric conditions to make the whole world look pink for about 10 minutes. There is something magical about a pink world that occurs so seldomly, but always makes you feel like something special is possible in that window of time.

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