Tuesday, November 19, 2013


November 17, 2013
9.25 Miles in 1:28:23
Mood: Biting off more than I can chew
Soundtrack: The Film Vault / Lupe Fiasco

We were invited to a party on Saturday night at which I imbibed a few more adult beverages than usual (which was only like 3 beers and a glass of wine, because I'm a lightweight.), this plus a lingering cold had me feeling a bit groggy Sunday morning. I'd like to note that running is a tremendous hangover cure. I ran all toxins out of my system and felt great for the rest of the day.

There is a special kind of fear that comes from knowing your wife has made plans, and you have gone on a long run expecting to have enough energy to easily power to the finish, only to flat out run out of steam two miles from home. There are two legs logged on this run. Leg 1 was when I still had strength and beautiful stamina...Leg 2 is when I was desperately moving homeward with dead legs, dead lungs and zero energy. I'm not particularly proud of Leg 2, but I managed to get myself home in time to shower and not be late for the family photo. (Which turned out great, thankfully!)

The picture was taken with my phone at the top of a fence surrounding the Little Public Schools stadium. I think I would like the picture more if it didn't include soccer goals and soccer lines on the football field. Soccer has it's place, but I'd prefer it didn't violate the sanctity of football. I may be a gridiron snob, this is a real possibility. Cue the map...

Leg 1 - The Leg of Power

Leg 2 - The Leg of Fear

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