Saturday, January 25, 2014


January 24, 2014
6.38 Miles in 1:00:14
Mood: Fatherly
Soundtrack: Welcome To That Whole Thing / The Mediocre Show

This run was delayed by about an hour due to my son wanting to play basketball with me. I was fine with this, because any time your son wants to play with you, this is categorically a good thing. We hung out just outside of his school and shot some hoops with his kid sized basketball. Seeing him enjoy things I love like playing basketball and watching our Broncos fills me with a combination of joy and pride. I was in a pretty good mood as I started this run.

I dropped him off with my wife at the Goodson Rec Center after we finished playing, and started my run from there. I enjoy getting to have different launching points for my runs, it allows me to explore some areas that I don't get to as often. This slightly more Northern start point allowed me to run up Broadway. I knew that there was this car dealership that has been decorated with Broncos pictures for awhile, and I wanted to get a picture of it. The fact that the Dodge sign was also visible made it even more perfect for me. I realize that the Bronco logo in this picture is a bit wonky, but if you've never tried drawing that logo, let me assure you it is much harder to draw than you'd guess. This isn't too bad for a freehand drawing.

On this run, I also was able to check in on the Gremlins on Belleview. They were decked out in Winter hats and scarves, appropriate for late January in Colorado. All in all, it was another good run in the lead up to the Super Bowl, as I continue to search out proof of Broncomania in my running territory.

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