Friday, January 3, 2014


January 3, 2014
6.87 Miles in 1:05:24
Mood: Happy
Soundtrack: The Film Vault and Welcome to That Whole Thing

On an unseasonable January day when the temps were pushing 60 degrees, I knew I had no choice but to have a great run. My body complied with my wishes, and for the first time since November, I completed a 10K. Felt good to be back at 100%, and even my lungs are starting to get with the program and be able to keep me sufficiently oxygenated to keep running. It's truly a glorious time we live in. (Assuming you think it's glorious that I can run.)

This was a fun run, as I stopped at my friend Deb's house to wish her a happy birthday. I had no idea until this morning that it even was her birthday, but I upon learning that, I knew I had to stop and say hi in person. Also, she had told me at a party the night before that there was a house with a suit of armor out front of it. I have a great desire to find all weird decorations in the neighborhood, so I stopped in to get directions to the medieval decor.

Deb directed me right to the house, and it was just as gloriously weird as promised. I was going to use that for my picture today, but this weird totem pole house trumped the suit of armor. So much odd decorating goodness, but the run and shoot rule is only one picture per perhaps next time. For now, this running fool is back to his foolishness and so happy to be so. As always, I'll keep an eye out for the weirdness to share with you. For now...the map.


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