Monday, February 24, 2014


February 23, 2014
8.35 Miles in 1:20:15
Mood: Foggy but Sunny
Soundtrack: The Film Vault

It was a gloomy foggy morning, but I was in a terrific mood. It was a Sunday without much of a plan, which sometimes are my favorite sorts of Sundays. The fog lifted and the weather warmed dramatically as I ran, and by the time I got home, the loveliness of the day matched my mood. Plus, I ran into this old Dodge truck with a completely random photo of a goat in it's rear window. So glorious! I tip my hat to whoever made this piece of joy drop into my lap in the middle of my run.

February is winding down, and I am fewer than 17 miles away from covering 100 miles in the month despite not running at all for the first week with the combination of the Super Bowl and an arctic snap hitting Denver. My goal is to try and hit 100 miles every month in 2014, and right now, I feel pretty good, because if I can manage to do it in the final three weeks of February, it's hard to imagine I'll have a tougher month to hit the target. One month at a time, though, and I still need to get a few more good runs in to make sure I hit it this month. Still, I'm feeling pretty good, considering I was less than optimistic I'd be able to hit the goal for February three weeks ago.

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