Wednesday, April 9, 2014


April 8, 2014
7.78 Miles in 1:13:37
Mood: Hot
Soundtrack: Jordan, Jesse, Go! / 99% Invisible

An open letter to Nora A Floyd:

Dear Nora,

You need to take better care of your debit card. As I was running down County Line Road today, I encountered your card just sitting on the sidewalk. I'd like to recommend that you not keep your card there, as a public sidewalk is no place for an active financial instrument.

As a concerned citizen, I picked it up. If I'm honest, I have to say that my picking up of the card was less about my citizenship and more me hoping that it'd be a large balanced nameless gift card to some store I frequent. Sadly for me, but fortunately for you, it was your debit card. I say fortunately for you, because I am not the type of person who would attempt to use someone else's debit card. I enjoy my prison free life, and would like to keep it that I couldn't in good conscious steal someone else's money in such a devious way.

So, feel free to contact me if you'd like your card back. I have left you a voice mail on your phone (as found in the white pages), but thus far, you haven't called me back. Hope you're well.


Apart from finding someone's debit card, this was the first afternoon run where being too hot has come into play in awhile. Summer is coming, and with it, the need to push my runs to nighttime, as the summer heat makes running significantly less enjoyable...I was surprised how warm it got so early in April. It definitely took a toll on me, as I was pretty tired at the end of this one.

This photo was the best of a mediocre lot. Didn't see anything really earth shaking to snap a picture of on this run, but I rather liked this swing. You so rarely see a swing attached to a tree anymore...swings seem exclusively attached to swing sets in city parks these days. It was kind of cool to see an old school swing. Although I liked the swing, I thought that the branch it was attached to looked a little flimsy. I must say that it was somewhat tempting to sit down and swing away, but I went ahead and declined my opportunity to use the swing. For one reason, the branch looked a little weak to me, but more importantly...I didn't want to be the weirdo swinging under some strangers tree in their front yard. That seems like an invasion of privacy of a pretty high order, and ultra creepy to boot.

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