Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One Hundred

May 27, 2014
7.16 Miles in 1:07:40
Mood: Sweaty
Soundtrack: LCS Hockey Show / The Film Vault
It seems like post 100 should be more epic than this run. My run for post 99 would have been much more fitting. Instead, we hit triple digits with a pedestrian run around the neighborhood, down streets that I've traversed countless occasions. The most noteworthy thing about the entire trip was just how hot it was.
My brother who lives in Arizona would laugh to hear me say 83 degrees was hot, but the late spring sun beating down upon you really saps you of strength. The heat and sunlight had me dripping with sweat. Although I dislike being hot, when I'm exercising, there is something visceral that I really like about sweating excessively. I couldn't have been more wet if I had jumped into a pool. Well, that's not true, there were parts of my clothing that weren't drenched, but every part of my body was leaking fluid. (That sounded grosser than I intended.)
The heat had me realizing that it's getting to the time of the year where I'm going to have to start running during the night. I enjoy night runs, but it's going to make getting a good picture a lot harder for this blog. Without natural sunlight, it's hard to post amazing photos like this one of a recliner that appears to have been put out to pasture. This scene could have been helped tremendously with a paper taped to the chair that said simply, "Free". As it is, however, the chair looks almost a bit too nice to be assumed that it is being tossed out to the curb. Perhaps the homeowner just likes to sit in his driveway in comfort. I didn't want the chair either way, but I enjoyed the uncertainty. Plus that is one bright orange chair...something I'll always support as both a Bronco fan and a guy who's favorite color is orange. Weird to see this seat just awkwardly taking up space in the drivethrough out in the hot sun. That awkwardness was enough to win it the photo for my 100th post. In some ways, it feels rather fitting that it should come on a unremarkable running outing. Here is to 100 more runs...

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