Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One Hundred Fifteen

June 24, 2014
5.84 Miles in 56:50
Mood: Feeling Successful as a Grown-up
Soundtrack: Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Fresh from an amazing finish at the World Cup between Greece and Ivory Coast, I was feeling pretty exhilarated as I started off. This feeling was magnified by the glorious clouds which had caused the temperatures to dip 20 degrees from where they have been lately. It felt great to get going, but just like the Ivory Coast's chances to advance, my cool temps vanished in a flash. About 2 miles into the run the cloud cover quickly burned off, and suddenly the sun was pounding down on me with white hot intensity.

Summer sun drains you quick, and I quickly realized this would be a shorter run. I realize how far I've come with running when I feel like a slacker if I don't at least get six miles in. No matter, a few miles from home I was getting sweaty, hot, and desperately in need of a break. So I dipped into the Goodson Rec Center to buy a frozen fruit bar because I was craving the sweet combo of cool and delicious. As I walked out, I saw my friend Kelly chatting with a friend. I said hi, and she surprisedly said, "You're eating a popsicle!" as if such a thing were highly unusual. I just replied with a self-satisfied, "Yup!" She said when she was a kid pretty much everyone as a kid dreamed that some day they would grow up and be able to buy themselves a popsicle.

"I guess I've succeeded at being a grown-up!" were my final words to her as I turned to finish up my coconut fruit bar and then my run. I truly felt like my childhood self would be well pleased with my decision making, so I ran home with a sweaty smile on my face.

As for today's photo..."From the backyard that brought you "Whimsical Dragon" and "Funky Jaguar on the Shed Roof" comes the latest goofy backyard accessory..."Gorilla Flanked by Lighthouses". I love this person, and hope that whoever they are, they continue to fill their yard with ridiculous sculptures, because this type of eccentricity is the backbone of Run and Shoot.

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