Monday, June 30, 2014

One Hundred Seventeen

June 30, 2014
6.81 Miles in 1:01:12
Mood: Felt like being in a park
Soundtrack: The Film Vault
This is a glorious vehicle, but the person who just bought it is doing it wrong. First of all, I know it was just purchased, because it has temp tags on the back. And how can I tell that the person rocking this Volkswagon is doing it incorrectly? If you're truly a hippie, you don't have to advertise it with a corporately made magnet showing you're a hippie and the website listing how to be a hippie and a baseball cap that further brands you as a hippie with the same logo as your magnet. If you want to be a real hippie, just don't bathe and smoke copious amounts of weed. DONE! The very idea of a hippie website is terribly amusing to me. The website (which misspells hippie, by the way) is, based on the spelling, I can only assume encourages people to have large hips. (Although, after checking the website, they seem like good people.)
I came across this awesome VW and was very jealous of it. Not that I'd actually want to drive such an old car and all the inevitable problems that came with it, but I like the idea of this car in theory. It looked so cool there in the early Sunday sun. Plus it's orange, so natually it greatly appealed to me.
My plan for this run was to stay exclusively in Wash Park for nearly the entire run, and it was such a beautiful day in the park that I managed to wind my way around the enormous park a few times and call it a run. Usually, I like to have more of a destination in mind, but this run just felt like it needed to stay in the park. My speeds were faster than normal, because as always, when I run around a lot of other runners, I usually try to run faster for whatever reason. And Wash Park is home to a LOT of runners. 
I was passed by several girls on this run, so my ego is well in check. I am not a super fast guy, no matter how much I wish I were. It's good to remember that by getting passed in a park by a bunch of people. Even though I can't keep up with them, just being around other runners gets me going a little quicker, and I like the encouragment to push myself.

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