Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One Hundred Twenty-Five

July 13, 2014
4.55 Miles in 45:36
Mood: Draggy
Soundtrack: The Film Vault

I recently discovered this community garden somewhat near my home, but neatly tucked away so that it's not easily discovered. It's kind of a magical place, as it has plot filled with all manner of vegetables and other growing things, but it's all "protected" by this magical tiny house. I absolutely love it. It was easily the best thing about this run, because for the most part I was struggling on this one. I was slightly sleep deprived, and it was more than slightly hot, and after running nearly eight miles the day before, I didn't have much left in the reserve tank. That's why I cut this run shorter than usual, and headed home before I got too far. Even the miles you struggle through count towards my monthly totals, and exercise is good for you, even if it sometimes feels better than others. Although I was dragging, a bad day running is still better than a good day of sitting on one's butt.

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