Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One Hundred Thirty-Six

August 3, 2014
7.39 Miles in 1:08:45
Soundtrack: LCS Hockey Show

Easy like Sunday morning! While listening to the host of the LCS Hockey Show act very much unlike his usual gloomy and pessimistic self (he's deeply smitten with a new love who was amusingly also on the show), I found myself very happy for him and also found myself very much in love with Sunday morning runs. Wash Park is always a love of mine as it's one of the best places on Earth, and I took a lap around said wonderful place in between starting at Observatory Park and also hitting up the DU Campus a few times. A wonderful place to run, and there is something about a Sunday morning run which is better than all other runs. I'm not even sure why, but there is a peace on a Sunday morning that I don't get at any other time. It's the best.

As for today's picture, it's just a statue on the campus of the Univeristy of Denver. Nothing all that exceptional about it, but I should note that someone had placed an ugly bumper sticker on it. I took the sticker off before taking the photo because I wanted the photo to look nicer and also I just wanted to right a wrong. Putting bumper stickers on statues is wrong, kids. I felt a little like a super hero. A lame, lame superhero who's power is the ability to overcome vinyl stickers.

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