Monday, October 13, 2014

One Hundred Seventy

September 10, 2014
5.99 Miles in 57:06
Mood: Raw Nippled and Dragging
Soundtrack: The After Disaster / Freelance Whales "Weathervanes"

The weather was perfect, and I had the joy of a Friday afternoon where a full weekend was laid before me. I was also struggling, as using my old worn out running shoes the day before had clearly left my legs a bit more tired than my new shoes have been leaving me over the past week and if there is one enormous problem that I had forgotten when it comes to running in the rain, it is that when I do so, it rips up your nipples. If you run for any length of time, eventually you will become intimately aware of the sensitivity of your chest. I can think of no good reason for men to have nipples, and for them to be extremely sensitive and painful following a damp run is just more reason to opt for a male nipple removal surgery. (I don't think that actually exists, but I'd look into it if it were a possibility.)

I did my best to power through, even though I was clearly struggling for all the reasons listed above. I didn't have many good subjects photograph on this run until near the end when I came across the setting sun hitting this flower. It had a dramatic purple flavor that I couldn't ignore, and I was thankful that this picture came out as well as it did. There wasn't much memorable from this particular run, but I did enjoy that bright purple quite a bit. Hopefully the nipples heal up sooner rather than later.

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