Monday, October 13, 2014

One Hundred Sixty-Nine

September 9, 2014
6.31 Miles in 58:46
Mood: Soggy
Soundtrack: The Mediocre Show

Cats and dogs were practically falling from the sky. The heavens had opened and were bestowing their moisture upon the land of Colorado in a substantive way. I was sitting in my house and debating if I wanted to commit to leaving the safety and more importantly non-soaked nature of my living room for a run around the decidedly wet neighborhood.

If you're going to run in a downpour, it can be lovely if you fully commit to being okay with being soaked. I decided to wear my old running shoes, since I didn't care if they got waterlogged, and put on some warm running clothes and headed out. The rain varied in intensity between mildly soaking to rain forrest monsoon levels. Finally in the final ten minutes or so, it stopped. Although I was drenched, I actually enjoyed this run quite a bit.

The Halloween decor is gaining in momentum, as this friendly ghost was joined by other ghouls and ghastlies on the front yards of an alarmingly large number of homes. I enjoyed this friendly one, but some of them are genuinely disturbing. I don't understand those who treat Halloween as a celebration that to be looked forward to for weeks ahead of time. I understand it only as a fun night to take your kids trick-or-treating, but any planning beyond finding the kids a costume seems exorbitant. Stilll, I was happy that this ghost was out, and that I could stand under a tree to take it's picture, because I tried to avoid taking my phone out of my pocket any more than absolutely necessary due to the amount of rain falling and potentially ruining my equipment.

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