Monday, November 3, 2014

One Hundred Eighty-Two

November 2, 2014
5.50 Miles in 50:53
Mood: Avoiding the cops
Soundtrack: Jack White "Blunderbuss" / Jack White "Lazaretto"

No, I have no clue why there is a police helicopter and three police cars in the middle of a giant open field at Wash Park. I wanted to get closer to the helicopter to get a better picture of it, but the fact that there were a bunch of cops milling about made me feel a bit hesitant to just walk right up and snap a photograph of the goings ons. I didn't see any signs of violence or crime, perhaps they were just getting together for doughnuts? The whole thing seemed a bit weird to me.

Sadly, a random helicopter was the only memorable thing about this run. It was short, and I felt okay but not super strong, and I was in a hurry to finish up to go buy some slivered almonds for my wife for a brunch we were going to that morning. It was the first day back on Standard Time, and the fact that the sun came up an hour earlier was actually appreciated by me. That way I wasn't running in the dark to start this run. Still, changing clocks is disorienting, and when I woke up this particular morning, It definitely altered my mojo a bit. I'll blame that for the reason that I accidentily ended my run early and had to split up the map into two separate maps for this one run.

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