Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Hundred Ninety-Eight

December 5, 2014
4.87 Miles in 44:45
Mood: Discovery
Soundtrack: Serial

The family had Friday night plans, so I didn't have much time. I still wanted to get in a few miles, so I hurried out the door to get in a short run. I didn't expect that this would be all that special of a run, as it was going to be short and sweet. I definitely didn't expect to see something new on paths I've ran a multitude of times. I was kind of planning on taking a picture of a Christmas decoration that I saw the previous night as my photo for the blog and being good with that.

Then at about the two and a half mile point in the run, I turned onto the Highline Canal Trail and much to my surprise, about fifty yards into running on the trail, I saw something amazing. I don't know if this face on this tree is new, or just new to me. I may have run past it hundreds of times without noticing it. However, for whatever reason, I glanced over and suddenly noticed that someone had subtly created a face on one of the large trees that lines the path. It blends in so well that it's easy to miss, but once you see it, it's unmistakably the job of some creative artistic type who did a small project to make the world a tiny bit better.

In my mind, that is what Art is: Small steps to a better world. With a smile on my face I finished up my run while listening to the tenth installment of the amazing Serial podcast. For such a short run, it sure turned out well.

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