Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Hundred

December 9, 2014
5.39 Miles in 50:02
Mood: Endings, Beginnings, Disappointments and Polar Bears.
Soundtrack: The Marty Riemer Show Podcast / Welcome to That Whole Thing

The "Endings" portion of this run was that I was listening to two podcasts that were airing some of their final shows, as both The Marty Riemer Show and Welcome to That Whole Thing are coming to a close this month. In this case, I was listening to the penultimate Marty Riemer show and the final Welcome to That Whole Thing. I've followed both of these shows for years, and am a little bummed that they are concluding, so there was some melancholy to this outing.

The "Beginnings" portion is rather simple...I'm beginning the 200's in blog posts.

The "Disappointment" was that I entered Target looking for a very specific gift for my son, a soft football to replace the one that he loves to play catch with in the house but is starting to wear out. It something that I have seen in Target before, and we have even bought one as a birthday gift for one of Luke's friends, but they have apparently sold out of the item. Fortunately, I was able to find it on the online gift shop at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, of all places, and it cost less there and they were doing free shipping, so all is well that ends well.

The "Polar Bears" portion of this run is what you see pictured above. This is one of my favorite homes anywhere near my has a circular drive that is protected by stone polar bears, because why wouldn't one want their home to have polar bears standing sentry? It's glorious in it's randomness and is the kind of thing this blog exists to document...and yes, I did post about this same place once all the way back on post 30, but this photo was different enough that I figured I'd use another picture of this place just due to it being an awesome house with polar bears guarding it.

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