Friday, March 6, 2015

Two Hundred Forty-Six

March 6, 2015
7.27 Miles in 1:10:01
Mood: Cute Elephants, Creepy Mannequins, the last days of light, and blister madness.
Soundtrack: The Film Vault

This window display always gets me. It takes you in with the friendly elephant, and then freaks you out when you notice the creepy mannequin inside the elephant suit. I can't fathom how this is supposed to help sell insurance.

Thanks to daylight savings time, when I go for a run next week, the sun will have abandoned me. It'll be another month before the lengthening days get us back to sunrises that happen this early, so I figured I'd enjoy being able to see where I was running for the final time in March. I've enjoyed the early sunrises, and while they'll be back and even earlier in a few months, the momentary return to darkness has me not looking forward to daylight savings for the first time that I can remember. Of course, losing an hour of sleep is no picnic, either.

I'm working in a new pair of shoes in March, and while I like them, I'll be glad when they are a little more broken in and a little less giving me blisters.

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