Thursday, April 2, 2015

Two Hundred Fifty-Nine

April 2, 2015
7.11 Miles in 1:08:02
Mood: Pinktastic
Soundtrack: Deadcast / The Film Vault

The pink trees are here! The pink trees are here!

Never mind that I lacked energy due to it being my third running day in the last four. Never mind that my enthusiasm for a regular run in my Colorado hood was a bit diminished after getting to run in Tucson and Santa Fe. Never mind any negative thing that crossed my mind, because all that was washed away with my excitement over the return of the Truffula trees.

Spring is the one time of the year when Colorado vaguely resembles a Dr. Seuss book with pink trees popping out everywhere. Last year I truly embraced my love of the pink tree in April, and we had a bumper crop of them. I'm a little worried that we may have a lesser year this time around, as they popped out a bit earlier this year, and as I type, we are expecting snowfall. God help me control my rage if winter style weather destroys my beloved pink trees just as they are beginning to peak out, as that would be a tragedy. A trivial tragedy, but a tragedy nonetheless. I'm very much looking forward to pink tree season, and it's unofficial start was today, as this was the first time I have come across them in my travels in 2015. Prepare yourself for pink tree pictures!

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