Friday, April 10, 2015

Two Hundred Sixty-Three

April 10, 2015
7.05 Miles in 1:09:09
Mood: Sour and tired
Soundtrack: Dear and the Headlights "Drunk Like Bible Times" and "Small Steps, Heavy Hooves"

Running today was difficult. I was tired, my legs were dead, and it was hard to find the will to push. Even when you love something, sometimes you hate it. I kind of hated running today. I found myself stopping to walk way more than usual, and even though I decided to try and seek out unexplored areas to run in, I wasn't seeing anything much cool. In fact, I kept ending up on roads that I traverse all the time, even when trying to branch out. Annoying. So I didn't really get any awesome photos today, the best I had when I got back was this one, which I like because of the involvement of a pink tree as well as a pretty nice looking backyard playground and a waning moon. (I think the moon is waning, but I'm not a moon expert.)

I have a feeling Sunday will be much better, because Friday was pretty lame. If nothing else, at least today's map looks cooler than usual. And although it was far from my best run ever...I did get in 7 more miles, which gets me closer to my monthly goal and keeps me healthier than NOT running. Hooray for the bright side!

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