Monday, April 6, 2015

Two Hundred Sixty

April 5, 2015
7.93 Miles in 1:14:45
Mood: Loving Pink Trees and Lawn Lions
Soundtrack: Judge John Hodgman

I don't know why this string of light bulbs was hanging in this parking lot. All I know is that the moment I saw them, I immediately knew I was going to try to take a picture of one of them with this pink tree in the background because I'm fancy. I was pleased with the resulting photo, and even more pleased that I could find a way to get another pink tree in the mix without the entire photo being focused on the "Hey! It's a pink tree!" phenomenon that tends to overtake me in April. Rest assured (or be warned, depending on your feelings surrounding pink trees), there is almost zero chance that this is the final pink tree for Run and Shoot in 2015.

My pictures from this run were probably 80% pink trees. The other 20% was divided up between pictures of a dead squirrel I found lying in the street and photos of doorways with lions guarding the door. I passed four different sets of lawn lions at three different houses. I love lawn lions almost as much as pink trees. They are usually placed in front of more magnificent homes, but I love a lawn lion even more when it's in front of a modest house. I've given some real thought to putting lions on the porch of my modest townhome just because it would be so ridiculous. I doubt my wife or homeowners association would approve, but man, that'd be awesome. If I ever find someone who puts lawn lions by the front door in a shared hallway of their condo building, that person might immediately be my new hero.

I started my run a bit later in the day than a usual Sunday run so that I could stay home and watch my kids break into their Easter Baskets when they woke up. One of the most fun things about having kids is seeing them get really excited about modest things like Easter baskets. I wasn't missing out on that excitement and fun, so I didn't get started running until around 11.

We are reaching the time of year where if I wait until around 11 to go running, I can wear shorts instead of jogging pants. I love when I can finally break out shorts! Winter is dying, and I'm all about it. I think that is why I love pink trees so much, they are a visual representation of no longer having to put up with snow. As for why I love lawn lions? I'm still looking for a logical reason.

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