Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Two Hundred Eighty-Seven

May 31, 2015
5.04 Miles in 49:37
Mood: Exploring new paths
Soundtrack: LCS Hockey Show

I'm taking part in a team challenge at work, which might be the only reason that this run happened. The team challenge involves 30 groups of seven people from my company all logging their total number of footsteps each day in an effort to get more active. I had already achieved my 100 mile goal for May, but my total steps for Sunday were rather low. Plus, I had skipped my Friday run in an effort to heal up my agitated rib. I was torn between wanting to go and wanting to keep healing up, but the notion of getting enough steps in for the day to make myself look good in the team challenge pushed me towards running.

As I often do on Sundays, I started out this run at Wash Park. However, I headed in a direction that I had never really been before, as I had a target in mind. I saw a statue on Instagram that I previously didn't know existed, and I felt like trying to find it. I had Googled it's location, and realized it wasn't too far from Wash Park, so I started heading in that direction. The statue in question is today's photo, and it's an awesome dog that is created with some manner of framework covered in shiny dog tags. This method gives it the cool chrome looking texture, I was immediately a big fan. It stands in front of the Denver Animal Shelter, and I continue to believe and have my belief reinforced that Denver has the coolest public art.

On my way back, I realized that I was really close to the giant yellow thing that is easily seen from I-25, but which I had only ever seen from the highway. So after just discovering the dog, I then made my way to the Articulated Wall and made it a two for one cool statue day on my run.

I ran out of gas on the way back to my car, and eventually stopped trying to push myself and walked the final half mile or so back to the car through the park. I believe the big culprit was a slightly low blood sugar, and ever since I fell down with a hyper low blood sugar a little over a week ago, I'm a little gun shy about pushing through a low. Fortunately, I easily made it back to the car, and I stopped at Wendy's for a Kid's Size Frosty, which hit the spot and took care of the low.

It was a short run, but I managed to squeeze in a good portion of adventure in such a short outing, so it was totally worth it. Good run for the sites, not as much for the exercise, but I'll take it.


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