Monday, June 22, 2015

Two Hundred Ninety-Seven

June 19, 2015
3.81 Miles in 42:02
Mood: Going back in time with my brother-in-law.
Soundtrack: Gungor "Beautiful Things"

Jeff wanted to run with me again on Friday, so we headed out into the heart of Pass Christian for a short run. Jeff only wanted to go three or four miles, so we didn't get too far, but we made a quick stop to investigate the graveyard as we passed by it about halfway through our loop. I noticed a gravestone of a man who was born in 1801 and died in occurred to me that he probably never heard of Abraham Lincoln before he died, and I was checking out his grave in 2015. I love graveyards, they are such an interesting link to the past.

We finished running and finished up the trip back to the beach house by walking along the beach and having a nice conversation. The trip was winding down, and it was a good time to get a little quiet time away from the wonderful and loving, but often very loud, house. (There were 15 of us in the beach house, so although it was plenty big for all of us, it was often filled with raucous family noise.)

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