Monday, July 13, 2015

Three Hundred Eight

July 12, 2015
7.81 Miles in 1:14:12
Mood: Questioning church living arrangement and feeling cheeky.
Soundtrack: Everclear "So Much For the Afterglow" / Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip "Angles"

It was obviously a church building at one point, but now there is a sign next to the front door which proclaims "Private Residence". So yes, apparently someone decided to buy an old church building and turn it into their house. This seems like an odd decision to me, as old churches are often cool places to explore and visit, but rarely do they seem like an ideal home. Seems like there would be a lot of open space that would be hard to fill and make the place seem homey, and it also feels like there would be a lot of baggage that comes along with living in a building that is so obviously a church. The worst of which would be,  I would think, people arriving to try and attend services. So many people that in fact it becomes necessary to place a "Private Residence" sign on the front of your house. If the architecture of  your home doesn't make it painfully obvious that it's your home and not a collective place of worship, you're making questionable decisions with your living arrangements. Oh well, I hope they're happy there.

As for this run, it felt great. I didn't really explore a ton of new areas, but enough to feel like I'm seeing new things. I also discovered a great place to take a selfie with the ultra exclusive Denver Country Club golf course in the background. (See above) I was rather pleased with how cheeky this picture turned out, since I felt pretty silly taking it. Silly, but pleased with myself at the same time.

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