Thursday, August 6, 2015

Three Hundred Twenty-One

August 6, 2015
7.62 Miles in 1:11:32
Mood: One Love
Soundtrack: Cold War Kids "Robbers & Cowards" and Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

She finally smiled at me! My day was made at around the two mile mark of this run. For several months now, I have been noticing this Asian woman. And for just about that same amount of time, she has been ignoring me. I think she walks on the Highline Canal trail every morning, as I see her almost every time I run the trail. She makes me smile every time I see her because she almost always has a very stern look on her face, and about half the time she is wearing the same t-shirt which reads, "Jamaica: One Love" which is about the weirdest shirt I can imagine for this woman to wear. Every time I see her, I wave and smile, and until this morning, every time I did that, my greetings went unanswered. Amazingly today, she looked at me, smiled, and nodded. No matter what happened for the rest of the day, I was happy. I was acknowledged by Asian Jamaica: One Love lady, and that was golden.

The only other thing of note is today's photo. This name feels sexist, but it's the nearest laundromat to our house, and we've used it on occasion when need arises. I guess that means we've failed as feminists, but our laundry was spring fresh, so not all was lost.

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