Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Hundred Thirty-Five

September 3, 2015
7.37 Miles in 1:09:33
Mood: Enjoying a sunrise and getting a little tiny bit wet.
Soundtrack: Dishwalla "Pet Your Friends" / The Head and The Heart "The Head and The Heart" / The Rural Alberta Advantage "Hometowns"

It was one of those amazing Colorado sunrises. The kind that make the sky blue and purple and orange and pink and reaffirm your faith in beauty and truth. The first ten minutes of my run were spent gazing at the sky, and the positive feelings from that have extended throughout this day, this day that also is my wife's Happy Birthday to Jen and happy sunrise to all.

The local news was going on and on about a bear that was seen in the open spaces near my know, the open spaces that I routinely run through. All through this run, I was keeping my eyes peeled to see if I could see a bear. Part of me really not wanting to encounter a bear, and part of me thinking that it would be a pretty sweet picture to post if I did, in fact, encounter a bear. Although I kept looking, I did not see a bear anywhere, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, this picture would be much better without the stupid power lines. Man, I wish it were possible to bury all of these things for the sake of beauty.

One last thing: It actually rained on me again this morning. So after no morning rain for the entire year, I get rained on two Thursdays in a row. Weird. Maybe it's monsoon season or something.

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