Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Three Hundred Fifty-Two

October 6, 2015
8.25 Miles in 1:17:43
Mood: Wondering about Veterinarians
Soundtrack: Bear's Den "Islands" / Family and Friends "Xoxo" and "Love You Mean It"

Darkness and cold continue to creep in to the morning run routine, and while I'm not crazy about it, I'm working my way through it. It was legitimately chilly this morning as I set out, and it never really warmed up all that much even after the sun rose. Part of that may be due to the thick layer of clouds/fog engulfing the Denver area, which lent an aura of creepiness to the morning, but also looked kind of cool, so I forgive it.

While I didn't feel quite as invincible as I did on Sunday, it was still a solid outing. I wasn't quite as fast, but getting north of eight miles traversed on a weekday morning is a good showing, and I felt great at the conclusion.

Today's photo comes via a tip from my friend Deb, who is constantly vigilant, always looking for things for me to photograph. This particular ram graces the front of a veterinarian clinic...because when you think veterinary medicine, the first animal you think of is a ram, obviously. It may be a little weird for it's location, but I have to say I think it's a pretty cool looking statue. My guess is the vet is a Colorado State fan, which is about the only thing that would make sense here. Either that, or he or she has a very unusual specialty for a city veterinarian.

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