Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Three Hundred Seventy-Eight

November 25, 2015
7.02 Miles in 1:09:09
Mood: Distracted by the upcoming holiday and a pink and purple sky.
Soundtrack: Peter Mulvey "Notes from Elsewhere" and "Letters from a Flying Machine"

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a little tough. Everyone's minds are already in holiday mode, but you have to still fight your way through a mostly normal work day, even though work is the last place you actually want to be. That general attitude was sort of how I felt on this run. I went out on this Wednesday, as the next several days are expected to be cold and snowy, and this seemed like my last chance to get in a run this week before the awful weather sidelines me. I was able to get over 100 miles for the month thanks to this outing, but my heart wasn't fully in it. I was definitely feeling the second straight day drag, and with Thanksgiving approaching, I did my best to plod my way through, even though my heart was maybe not fully into it. It wasn't a terrible run, but it wasn't the greatest either.

In positive news, for the second straight day, the sunrise was phenomenal. So much purple and pink. It didn't last very long, and it didn't cover the entire sky like it did the day before, but for a brief time, it was beautiful and it lit up the Denver Tech Center in a most excellent way.

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