Monday, November 2, 2015

Three Hundred Sixty-Five

November 1, 2015
8.00 Miles in 1:14:51
Mood: Happy and art appreciating with good company.
Soundtrack: Conversation with my brother

I pretty much always run to a soundtrack, so to go on a full 8 mile run without earbuds jammed into my head feels kind of weird. My brother was in town from Tucson to attend the Broncos-Packers game, and we decided to get a good run in on Sunday morning. As a result I ran without music...and it was wonderful.

It's rare that I get to spend time with my brother, and getting a few hours of one on one together was a nice treat. We headed north, as I wanted to show him the cool Five Points Art district. We also went through downtown and checked out the remodeled Union Station, which looks incredible, and then ran near the Broncos stadium and Colfax to complete the loop back to City Park. We talked about exercise, and getting old, and family, and the Broncos, and art, and all sorts of other brotherly things and enjoyed the rare opportunity to hang out. It was a great start to a great day, and Bruce even managed to attend a Bronco game without seeing our team lose, which he hadn't done in several years, so all in all it was a massive success.

The photo from today comes from the art district in Five Points. One of my favorite installations is the red haired girl that is painted on beams that can really only be seen well from down the street, as it works through forced perspective, as a small piece of the art is painted on each beam and it only comes together when viewed from a certain angle. It's really cool. Especially with the old church in the background and some other cool murals in the foreground. I really dig this section of Denver. I ran through it back in July, and about 80% of the walls that I saw on this trip had changed to new and different amazing art from the amazing art that I saw back then. Such a cool section of town to check out every few months, apparently. I imagine I'll keep stopping by from time to time to keep up with the changes.

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