Thursday, February 11, 2016

Four Hundred Fourteen

February 11, 2016
6.77 Miles in 1:05:40
Mood: Enraptured by nature's bandits.
Soundtrack: Mediocre Show / The After Disaster / The Memory Palace / The Allusionist

"That is the biggest squirrel I have ever seen!" I thought to myself. Then I realized it was actually a raccoon skittering up a tree. Then I saw it's friend stick it's head out of the tree. Both of them were warily surveying me from their position high above in a tree. This is when I knew I had to get my phone out and take some pictures.

I know that raccoons can be nasty and destructive, but man these guys sure looked cute up in a tree. It was even cuter to have them just staring at me and watching my every movement with caution. I loved them, and stood watching them briefly just because I have never just seen a couple of raccoons hanging out in a tree while out on a run before. It was an unusual experience, so I soaked it in.

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