Monday, March 14, 2016

Four Hundred Thirty-Two

March 13, 2016
8.09 Miles in 1:13:25
Mood: Spring is springing and I'm loving it.
Soundtrack: Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

This was a weird day. It was warm, although it looked like it should be freezing. The temps were in the 60's, and it was definitely shorts weather, but the sky looked like it might start snowing at any moment. It never did actually get cold, and although a little bit of sunshine would have been nice, I can't honestly complain about anything weather related on this run. It was a beautiful day, and any opportunity to run in shorts in early March is a okay by me.

I saw my first pink tree on this run. It wasn't overly pink, and the photo didn't turn out great, so we haven't officially hit pink tree season for the blog just yet, but it's coming! God bless spring.

This is the first time I have ever started a run at Wash Park, and made my way all the way up to City Park and back again. It's a bit of a run, but nothing impossible. I made my way through a bunch of cool Capitol Hill neighborhoods, and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of running. Today's photo comes from City Park, and I thought the boathouse looked pretty cool with those dramatic clouds behind it and those silly geese in front of it. I'm not a fan of geese, but they photograph well.

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