Friday, April 22, 2016

Four Hundred Fifty

April 22, 2016
7.36 Miles in 1:11:15
Mood: Happy, a little silly, and ready to take photos of the sky.
Soundtrack: The Bill Simmons Podcast / The Lumineers "Cleopatra (Deluxe)" / The Avett Brothers "The Gleam" and "The Second Gleam"

There was a moment this morning, a dorky moment to be sure, but a moment nonetheless where I considered just taking a picture of the sky for use on the blog today. The sky was SO BLUE YOU GUYS!!! Not a cloud, nothing but sun and blueness and I loved it. It was so much warmer today than it has been over the past week, and spring has fully returned from it's brief exile brought on by last weekend's non-stop snow.

As you might know, I'm a huge fan of pink trees. They are bar none my favorite thing about spring, but another wonderful thing that I noticed in a big way is the smell! All the flowering trees (both pink and otherwise) are emitting such wonderful emanations, my nose is truly enjoying it. The air in certain parts of town is positively perfumed by it, not in that hostile to the nose dude-brah wearing too much cologne way, but in a lovely natural happy to be alive kind of way. The sky was so blue and the world smelled so nice, and I was in a terrific mood today as I ran.

Today's pic does include the sky, but it also includes a cool robin just chilling out on a powerline. I like that bird. That bird is going places...well, not at this particular moment...right at the moment I took the picture he was in fact NOT going places, but you know what I mean. This bird has potential.

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