Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Four Hundred Fifty-Eight

May 10, 2016
7.33 Miles in 1:09:10
Mood: Enjoying the unexpected moments of brightness
Soundtrack: Fear the Walking Deadcast / The Gist / The Lumineers "Cleopatra"

The grand majority of this run occurred under cloud cover, and it was a rainy and gray day for a good portion of the entire morning, but for one brief moment, the sun peeked through a crack in the clouds and lit up this tree. The brightness of this effect was enhanced by the darkness of the morning to that point. I just turned a corner and suddenly this tree was dazzlingly bright. I felt shocked to approach it in much the same manner I imagine Moses approached the burning bush. It sound silly, but this tree and the bright light coming off of it was almost a spiritual moment in the midst of a nice but otherwise unremarkable run. It was a good moment.

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