Thursday, June 23, 2016

Four Hundred Seventy-Eight

June 23, 2016
6.88 Miles in 1:06:35
Mood: Spotting zebra stripes.
Soundtrack: The Mediocre Show / The Avett Brothers "The Carpenter"

My first run back in Colorado after three in Florida, and I almost immediately noticed the lack of oxygen. It is startling how much harder it is to run here than it is to run at sea level. I pushed and clawed my way back to nearly seven miles. It wasn't terribly pretty, but I was just putting in work because I am determined to get myself to 100 miles for June, and I needed the miles today. I am not quite fully recovered from vacation. We got in at 3AM on Wednesday morning, so I'm still catching up on sleep, and my feet are still blistered and my legs are still sore from all the walking and running I put in, but I am starting to get back to normal.

My photo for today was something my wife found on a walk we took together a few weeks ago. While on that walk, she noticed this house with a zebra pelt displayed in the front window. I'm not sure what kind of person puts a zebra pelt in their window, but more proof that we have a variety of people types in Littleton...weird as many of them are, I'm happy to call this place home.

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