Monday, June 13, 2016

Four Hundred Seventy-Three

June 12, 2016
7.42 Miles in 1:11:36
Mood: Thankful for resiliant feet and family history
Soundtrack: Hamilton Original Cast Recording

My company is a few weeks into our second year of "the Global Corporate Challenge". It is a program that hands out pedometers and has everyone keep track of their activity to try and encourage us to be more active and healthy. I have this tendency to overdo things like this, and on the day before this run, I went for a little walk...from my house to Coors Field and a good portion of the way back. All in all, I estimate that I walked about 23 miles that day, so when I woke up on this morning, I was hurting.

The biggest issue was my feet, which are not used to walking 23 miles, and they had blistered a bit. I was considering not going at all, but I'm determined to get to 100 miles for June, and with vacation on the horizon, I really needed to get some miles in on this glorious Sunday if I want to make 30 months in a row. So I put the running shoes on and hoped that I'd find a groove.

It worked out better than I could have possibly hoped. My feet didn't bug me a bit, and even with a stupid long walk the day before, my legs felt impossibly fresh. It was warm and humid (by Colorado standards), so I sweat a lot, but I didn't hurt at all and felt pretty strong most of the time.

My mom was in town last week, and she mentioned the address of her grandmother's house, a grandmother that she dearly loved and with whom she spent a lot of time with while she was little, so I decided I had to go and see this place which was the one time that I really veered off of the path at Wash Park. It was cool to see a bit of my family history...even if it predated me. I have no idea what the house looked like when my mom was a kid, but the photo above is what it looks like today.

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