Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Four Hundred Seventy

June 5, 2016
6.47 Miles in 1:04:33
Mood: Hot and sweaty, but all things are made better by crazy mailboxes.
Soundtrack: First Aid Kit "The Lions Roar" and "Stay Gold"

With family in town, I decided to stay a little closer to home on my Sunday run, so I revisited the area of the Denver Tech Center that I hit up on the first of May. On that particular day, it was snowing and very wet, however this particular Sunday was the first really hot feeling day of the summer. It wasn't actually all that hot...it MAYBE reached the 80's, but I was sweating and struggling the whole way.

I remembered this area being beautiful, and that did not change with the weather improving. It was gorgeous everywhere I went. The highlight of the run happened when I just barely noticed this equestrian mailbox nestled in a quiet little cul de sac. I almost missed it, but I just did see it out of the corner of my eye, and I was so excited that I stopped in mid run and turned about face to go check it out. It's truly spectacular, and as a connoisseur of ridiculous mailboxes, I would know. This is one of the top three mailboxes I've ever encountered. My run was at least 70% better as a result of finding this particular treasure. That's math!

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