Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Four Hundred Sixty-Eight

June 1, 2016
7.87 Miles in 1:18:58
Mood: Denver feels like Seattle sometimes, this is one of those times.
Soundtrack: The Allusionist / 99% Invisible / The Gist / The Dan Lebatard Show / Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Technically, this totem pole is in somebody's back yard, but their yard has no fence, so I snuck onto their property to take this picture because TOTEM POLE IN A BACK YARD!!!

It was a beautiful, if gray morning, and it looked like it might rain but it never actually did on me. The grayness, combined with the lush greenness which is at it's height for Denver in early June, combined with a totem pole spotting made this run feel very Pacific Northwestish.

I also ran an incredibly slow average of 10:02 per mile today. Not sure why I've been so slow of late, but I felt pretty good, even if not terribly fast today, and it was a really terrific run morning. So even though I was at a turtle's pace, I was enjoying myself.

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