Thursday, August 25, 2016

Five Hundred Nine

August 25, 2016
7.87 Miles in 1:16:53
Mood: Rooster and Chicken...that's a mood.
Soundtrack: Middle Brother "Middle Brother" / Delta Spirit "Into the Wide" / The Long Winters "Putting the Days to Bed"

If your backyard has no fence to create privacy with people walking by on the street, I think it's really important to get a metallic rooster and chicken. That way people will know to not mess with you, because you're the kind of person who shows no fear in the face of putting large artistic representations of barnyard animals on your property, and no one is messing with that.

I was faced with the reality that summer is ending, and soon my morning runs will be dark and cold. It was only 45 degrees as I left the house this morning. I briefly debated with myself on whether or not wearing shorts was the way to go, but I didn't feel like changing and it didn't feel too cold as I stepped outside, but I had to sigh and realize that before too long, I'll be wearing hoodies and jogging pants and the glorious running days of summer will have ended. On the plus side, there will be regular season football happening at that point, so one good thing good thing begins. It's a glass half full life I'm living, here.

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