Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Four Hundred Ninety-Seven

August 2, 2016
7.16 Miles in 1:09:30
Mood: Confusion over lots of effort for no comprehensible payoff.
Soundtrack: The Memory Palace / Radical Face "The Family Tree: The Leaves" / The Rural Albert Advantage "Hometowns"

There is a shopping cart in the stream, which mystifies me. There is not a retail establishment anywhere nearby and there is not an easily accessible portal to allow for this cart to be deposited into the stream. This means that someone had to go to the effort to haul an empty cart a significant distance and then lift it several feet in the air to clear the safety rails of the bridge to drop a cart in a small stream for...what reason? It's a lot of effort with seemingly zero reward. Is it an art installation? Is it hooligan kids? Is it the work of a mad genius who is too far ahead of his time to be understood?

I don't get it.

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