Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Five Hundred Forty-Two

November 1, 2016
8.64 Miles in 1:25:45
Mood: It's beginning to look a lot like the beginning of November
Soundtrack: Hamilton Original Cast Soundtrack / Ben Folds Five "The Sound of The Life of The Mind" / The Head and The Heart "Let's Be Still"

I enjoy Christmas, but prefer that the season last at most a week or two. American culture at large disagrees with me. My wife likes to tease me that Christmas starts the day after Halloween, and these trees seem to agree with her. I laughed as I ran up this sidewalk and saw these trees lit up in red. I think the lights are a garish display to sell cars at a local dealership more than to celebrate the Christ Child's birth, but it still gave me a chuckle today since it was so on the nose with how my wife enjoys teasing me. I have to admit, I enjoy the red light theme that begins with the trees, but extends to car brake lights and the traffic light. We'll get to Christmas soon enough, but I'm thankful that this little display was the extend of the Christmas I encountered on November the First.

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