Friday, December 30, 2016

Five Hundred Sixty-Eight

December 30, 2016
8.11 Miles in 1:22:37
Mood: Finishing 2016 strong, also buying a banana on credit.
Soundtrack: The Avett Brothers "I and Love and You"

I hadn't ventured east in awhile, and I hadn't gone on a run that didn't mainly involve circling a Pokemon nest in awhile, so I decided to go on a good old fashioned long meandering run to the east. I felt great almost the entire way up until the final mile where I felt slightly low-blood sugary, so I stopped at Trader Joes and used my credit card to pay for a 19 cent banana, which felt wonderful and ridiculous at the same time. I love using my credit card for tiny purchases...seems so pointless. Finished my final run of 2016 to go over 110 miles for December. I've now gone three straight years going at least 100 miles every month...a streak I am intensely proud of, and which I work harder for every month, because I do NOT want it snapped.

Today's photo comes from about six minutes into the run when it was still far from sunrise, and these deer provided light for the street I was running on, and I thought they looked pretty.

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