Monday, March 27, 2017

Six Hundred Eleven

March 26, 2017
7.41 Miles in 1:08:01
Mood: Dreamlike stupor of a morning, with a smile and a Lapras.
Soundtrack: Hamilton Original Cast Recording

The morning was gray, and at times a tiny bit of rain fell. There was little in the way of color...apart from the first signs of pink trees starting to peek out, but I was in a good mood. After skipping Friday's run due to wind and rain, it had been too long and I was ready to push it. My pace was pretty fast (for me), and it felt good to be in Wash Park and pushing myself.

The morning had a dreamy quality to it, and the dark gray clouds most definitely enhanced that vibe. Little of note happened the entire morning, other than a super rare Lapras popping up on Pokemon Go on my way to Wash Park which had me flipping a u-turn on University and scouring the University of Denver to track it down and capture it. After that moment, most of the rest of the morning was a pleasant blur...not much to remember other than a general happy vibe.

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