Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Six Hundred Five

March 14, 2017
7.15 Miles in 1:11:03
Mood: Trying to corrall a pup and enjoying the sunrise.
Soundtrack: The Walking Dead 'Cast / 99% Invisible / The Allusionist

About a mile into my run a very excitable dog came running and jumping up towards me. It was a medium sized dog, and very friendly. It didn't worry me in the least, but it did somewhat overwhelm me with it's enthusiasm for leaping and wagging it's tail. I tried to just keep running, but the dog was right on my heels, and I thought I should probably figure out where this mongrel belonged. Then I spotted her...the dog's owner stood on the sidewalk with a helplessness on her face that can only be experienced by someone incapable of corralling their canine. I tried to direct the dog towards her, but this dog was very good at staying close to me without letting me get close enough to corral it. I saw a car heading up the street, and I got a little worried for it's safety, so I ran in a way that it would follow me towards a neighbor's lawn. I tried to lead the dog back towards it's owner, but the dog was enjoing it's freedom, and knew that heading back towards it's house meant the end of all this fun. I probably spent two minutes trying to assist this exasperated pet owner. Eventually, she got hold of him, and she thanked me for my assistance. As I ran away, I laughed at how ridiculous dogs can be sometimes.

The rest of the run was less dog care related, but still nice. I'm not a big fan of daylight savings time and the accompanying hour plus of darkness that comes with it during my morning run, but I can say that it provides me with a wonderful opportunity to really enjoy the sunrise. This morning was accompanied by scattered pink and purple clouds which lit up the sky beautifully. I passed by this tiny stream at just the right moment to make the most of the reflective water surface. The thing I like most about sunsets and sunrises are the endless varieties and how they can make super familiar places seem new and special. Plus, each one is a one time only event, so I hate to miss one in case it's spectacular, because it'll never be the same.

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