Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Six Hundred Two

March 7, 2017
6.29 Miles in 1:04:23
Mood: Appreciating art on a short road trip run.
Soundtrack: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness "Zombies on Broadway" / Ben Folds "supersunnyspeedgraphic, the lp" / Blind Pilot "And Then Like Lions"

I didn't feel like trodding the well traveled roads around my house, so I decided to drive just a tiny bit east to get started today, and then run around the Denver Tech Center. I was glad I did, because I was able to see a lot of cool outdoor art and experience some roads that I haven't run a thousand times. I am amazed at how many cool statues can be found near boring office buildings. I found the statues in the photo above which is the centerpiece of this amazing stretch where super reflective windows bounce light off of everything, there are cool checkerboard patterns on the ground, and stark white trees compliment the whole affair, and everything reflects off of what seems to be an excess of reflective surfaces. It's a very cool area. I also found giraffe statues, the Museum of Outdoor Art (which I've been to a multitude of times, so I didn't exactly discover it today.) and other odds and ends. I love it when boring buildings are broken up by a bit of flair.

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