Thursday, May 11, 2017

Six Hundred Thirty-Five

May 11, 2017
6.31 Miles in 1:03:00
Mood: Running the mean streets in search of good lawn lions.
Soundtrack: 99% Invisible / Fall Of The House Of Sunshine / Blues Traveler "Four" / Sara Watkins "Young In All The Wrong Ways"

After even more rain this week, Colorado is about as water logged as it ever gets. I decided to forego the Highline Canal Trail, as I figured it'd be a muddy mess today. This decision helped me remember how much tougher it is to run in the streets. They are much hillier, you have to be much more aware of cars, and in general it's just not quite as nice. Still pretty nice, but not as nice as the incomparable Highline.

I found myself on a few streets that I have never before traversed, and in the course of running these new streets, found a few outstanding mailboxes. My favorite was one that was surrounded on all sides by some bulbous bushes in a most appealing way. I was possibly going to make that my photo for today, but then I saw this cool lion. It was one half of a matching pair, and it is showing signs of wear, but I'm a sucker for a good lawn lion. Especially if it is part of a front yard that is just shy of our of control and has a decent number of statue type decorations within it. I very much enjoyed this wild yard.

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