Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Six Hundred Thirty-Seven

May 14, 2017
8.32 Miles in 1:14:22
Mood: Rushed for time.
Soundtrack: Cold War Kids "LA Divine"

Mother's Day was a bright and sunny affair. It was the kind of morning in which I have zero questions about whether or not it'll be warm enough to wear shorts. I headed up for the fourth straight Sunday in a row to Wash Park because why wouldn't I? I love it there. However, on this particular Sunday, I was in a hurry. I wanted to get in a good run, but there would be very little lollygagging this morning, because I knew that there were Mother's Day gifts to be given, and my kids would not want to wait for too long to give them. In this spirit of speed, I averaged under 9 minute miles, and even ran so hard that my hamstring has been a little sore ever since. (Hopefully, it's no big deal.)

I'm not really enjoying the hamstring pain, but it did feel pretty amazing to get in 8 miles as quickly as I did and get back in time to wish Jen a happy Mother's Day. As a result of going fast and not really stopping to smell the flowers, I only took a handful of pictures, but I was pleased with how this one turned out. Gives a pretty good sense of how lush and wonderful the park was on this particular Sunday.

One last thing...I don't think that any Wash Park trees are going to get painted blue. After last week, I saw that there were a bunch of trees with banners that made it seem like they would as part of an art project, but on this Sunday all of the banners had been removed with nary a blue tree to be seen. So now I'm thinking that it was just a way to promote blue trees happening elsewhere, which I must admit is a little disappointing.

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