Friday, May 12, 2017

Six Hundred Thirty-Six

May 12, 2017
7.51 Miles in 1:11:22
Mood: "What's the deal, Squirrel?"
Soundtrack: Cold War Kids "Hold My Home" and "LA Divine"

This squirrel was just looking at me today. Mean mugging me hard. I walked over to his tree to see what was the deal with this squirrel, and he kept staring at me. So I took out my phone to take his picture, and that spooked him and he flew up about 8 feet to make sure that he was still safe, but even from his higher perch he kept staring at me. Weird squirrel.

Apart from trying to escape the gaze of a rodent, this was actually a very good run. Yesterday I felt a bit tired, but today I was feeling very good. Quite unusual, as the second day in a row is almost always the more tiring day.

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