Friday, June 9, 2017

Six Hundred Fifty

June 9, 2017
7.58 Miles in 1:11:27
Mood: Green
Soundtrack: The Head and The Heart "Let's Be Still" / Hey Marseilles "To Travels and Trunks"

I like this piece of sidewalk art next to the playground in deKoevend Park. It reminds me equal parts of a Van Gogh piece, a child's art project, and symbolism for the Illuminati which is quite an amazing amalgam.

I wore my green shorts with my green running shirt in an outfit that makes my wife call me the Jolly Green Giant. I don't wear these items together all that often because it is an overwhelming amount of green, but it does seem like every time I do go out in my "Jolly" gear something memorable happens. In today's case, I passed by three different runners who were dressed head to toe in green which seemed an almost inconceivable coincidence.  Two of them were slower runners that I actually caught from behind, and I chased both of them, I couldn't help but think how weird it was to see so many people wearing so much green on a day that I had to double check the calendar just be certain that it wasn't Saint Patrick's Day. It isn't. It's June 9th, and that is March 17th. Weird.

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