Monday, July 3, 2017

Six Hundred Fifty-Nine

July 2, 2017
8.30 Miles in 1:15:57
Mood: Hot and quiet
Soundtrack: Langhorne Slim "The Spirit Moves" / The Milk Carton Kids "Prologue" / Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps "Backyard Tent Set"

It was my first July run, and man did it ever feel like July. The temps weren't too high as I started out, but by the end of the outing I was a hot sweaty mess. It felt like the height of summer, which I guess it kind of is. It made me glad that I go early in the morning, because if I had started around 11:00, I'd be in trouble.

Wash Park was gorgeous as usual, although I was surprised at how few people were out in the park. Perhaps folks knew that it was going to be hot, or maybe just everyone has left town as for many it is a four day weekend. Either way, it was noticeably quieter than usual in the park.

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