Thursday, July 6, 2017

Six Hundred Sixty-One

July 6, 2017
7.28 Miles in 1:10:04
Mood: Enjoying a very contemplative selfie attempt.
Soundtrack: The Wood Brothers "Paradise" / The Shins "Heartworms" / The Avett Brothers "I and Love and You"

This man looked very serious about his photography. He was spending a lot of time adjusting things to get the picture just right. I stopped to take this picture covertly while pretending to be doing something "important" on my phone because I was intrigued by his very deliberate preparations. As I was running away, I looked back to see that he was taking his own photo by the wagon wheel bench using a timer on his tripod enabled camera. I enjoyed this, for some reason.

The first mile on this jaunt was a slow struggle, and I worried I'd have a hard time getting any significant mileage. After that first mile, however, I shook loose the cobwebs and found my stride and it went from being a struggle to a lovely run. I think I started feeling better almost at the exact point that I saw the photographer shown above. He was my good luck charm, I guess.

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